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It was a Thursday evening when I started driving around Niagara Falls,N.Y. and praying in the city. I saw a girl walking down Eighteenth Street and it was quite obvious that she was working. She had her face set like flint so I knew in my heart she was putting on a false front for a broken heart. My heart went out to her and I decided to talk to her.I didn't know how to approach her so I drove home grabbed some Bible literature and went back to find her. Thankfully she was still out there. I went around the block a couple of times to get the courage and pray and finally pulled up along side of her. I wound down the window and said, "I'm praying for you."

Amazingly she started to cry. She said, "Thank you," and walked away in tears. Her name was Karen.

Since that day "The Magdalene Project" has spoken to many many Karen's on the streets of various cities. It is all the same answer, they need Jesus. They need to know they are loved and accepted by Jesus Christ and He is the way out of the bondage of prostitution and drugs. I ask you to pray for the lost and forgotten women who walk the streets looking for love in all the wrong places.

God's Grace is abounding.




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