September 23, 2019

The Magdalene Project Testimony Tuesday

On motel ministry night I approached a man we will call Dan ( for privacy purposes). He smelled of alcohol but had a look in his eyes of genuinely wanting help. I gave him a Bible, a tract and a bag of groceries. He prayed a simple prayer for Jesus to come in, give him eternal life and make him new. I saw him a month later, and he with tears in his eyes, said God did a miracle right after we prayed, and reunited him with his daughter after not seeing her for 17 years. I have had breakfast with Dan a few times after that night, we talk and text regularly. He just got an apartment in Lockport NY, and I plan on visiting him and taking him to meet the Pastor at the Lockport Chapel. I’m praying for Dan, that God will finish what he started, as Jesus has done for countless numbers of people from all walks of life.

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Bob, volunteer at The Magdalene Project